Reliable And Proved Technology Cultivated From Our Longstanding Development And Manufacturing

CME has been developing and manufacturing various medical electronics since its foundation. We have been receiving high evaluation of our circuit and firmware design from many customers.

Our motto is to satisfy our customers’requests and to manufacture highly effective and safe products, and we will respond to the changes of orders, such as specification adjustments, during the development phase quickly and flexibly. We hope that our customers are truly satisfied with the finished products.

We take orders from medical equipment manufactures and vendors for development and manufacturing of medical equipment. We do quality and production management for all of our orders from design development to mass production based on ISO13485.

Moreover, as a manufacturing vendors, we can correspond with the sale certification of manufacturing medical equipment.



Our Cultivated Confidence Of“Monozukuri (Craftsmanship)”Goes To Japanese Medical

Our company, CME, is a technological group which deals with design development, manufacturing, and repairing of medical equipment. For many years since its foundation in 1986, we have been providing safe and user-friendly medical equipment to the medical sites. Our confident of “Monozukuri” has been serving the demands of this diversifying era and meeting the legal regulations that are getting stricter every year. By aiming the eminence of further technology with our confidence of “Monozukuri,” we will keep challenging for the future of medical care.

By providing supports and services for our customers, I feel that we are making differences in the society. We achieved this by collaborating with our customers. I truly think from the bottom of my heart that there was no mistake until today believing myself. We will keep contributing to the society by studying the technology with all of our employees in order to provide the better products and will put thoughts to each product.

Cosmic ME Co., Inc
President and CEO
Mitsuo Igarashi