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Company name COSMIC M.E. INC.
URL (English)
Chief Executive Officer Mitsuo Igarashi
Head Office address 1-3-10 Higashiurawa, Shinohara Bld 3F
Midori-ku, Saitama-City, Saitama 336-0926 Japan
Head Office phone 048-767-8600
Head Office fax 048-767-8333
Kawaguchi Plant address 2-31-3 Shibashimo
Kawaguchi, Saitama 333-0848 Japan
Kawaguchi Plant phone 048-268-9811
Kawaguchi Plant fax 048-269-0845
Business lines Development, manufacture and sales of medical equipment and devices; import and export of medical equipment and devices
Capital 10,000,000 JPY
Established May 15, 1986
ISO certification ISO13485:2016
Licenses held ・First class marketing license for medical devices (No. 11B1X10022)
・Medical device manufacturing license (No. 11BZ200229)
・Medical equipment repair business license
(for therapeutic devices, equipment for medical clinics, physiotherapy devices, biophenomena measuring and monitoring systems, and related equipment)
(No. 11BS200248)
・Marketing license for highly controlled medical devices (No. 812738)
・Second class veterinary medical device manufacturing retail and rental license (No. 186/29)
・Veterinary medical devices manufacturing license (No. 552/29)

CME Today and Tomorrow

Cosmic ME opened its doors in 1986, with a vision of creating medical technology at the pinnacle of the healthcare professions. In the intervening decades, we have remained true to our mission of meeting technological challenges and opportunities in the field, consistently delivering safe and user-friendly devices to the medical community. Today, we are tasked with providing the same level of excellence amidst diversifying needs, increasingly strict laws and stringent standards. We remain equal to the challenges ahead in medicine because of our monozukuri spirit – our pride in the superior manufacturing craftsmanship that befits a technology and engineering group of distinction. At Cosmic ME, we are as committed as ever to the quest for better medicine and healthier lives, and confident in our ability to reach new technological heights on the way.

A Word from the CEO

Confidence x Mettle = CME

– About our deep pride in monozukuri, in service to the global medical community
At the superficial level of business reporting, Cosmic ME is a technology and engineering group that designs, develops, manufactures and repairs medical devices. Indeed, providing safe and user-friendly medical devices to practitioners and other health professionals has been our business model since our establishment in 1986.
However, our work to maintain excellence in the face of today’s diversifying needs and the increasingly stringent laws and regulations governing medical devices shows what we are really made of. Cosmic ME is defined by confidence and mettle. The belief in our manufacturing craftsmanship – the monozukuri spirit – inspires us to ever-higher technological peaks, while our hunger to take on the challenges ahead makes us intrepid voyagers into the future of medicine.
Cosmic ME is short for Cosmic Medical Engineering. I chose the name to express a strong desire to contribute from the kind of whole-earth perspective we gain in deep space. Providing the human community we serve with products that incorporate that aspiration is our founding mission.
Looking back over our history of helping clients realize their own product visions with our technical support; of developing and manufacturing products together with our partners; and of spreading these medical technologies through society, where they have done so much good for so many people, I have to believe that I got it right. Keeping faith with our convictions has always been and will always be our guiding light.
So, belief in the mission and confidence in our technology and manufacturing will remain cornerstones moving forward, but so will hard work. If we are to continue creating superior products that make the world a better place, everyone in our organization will need to continue honing their technical prowess, and pouring everything they have into each and every product we create.
I would like to take this opportunity to let prospective partners know that we are as passionate about your technology as we are about our own. At Cosmic ME, we work to fulfill every customer need, anywhere in the process, from drafting product specifications through mass production. If your company is considering commercializing a medical device, feel free to reach out to us. It will be our honor to discuss ways to make it work.

Mitsuo Igarashi
Representative Director
Cosmic M.E. INC.


Head Office

  • ■JR Musashino Line: 3 minutes walk from Higashi-Urawa Station

Kawaguchi Plant

  • ■JR Keihin Tohoku Main Line: From the Warabi Station East Exit, proceed to bus stop #5. Take any bus from that stop. Exit at the Sanmaibashi bus stop.
    Bus timetable from Warabi Station East Exit
  • ■JR Musashino Line: Exit Higashi-Urawa Station, proceed to Bus Platform 1, take the bus bound for “Warabi Station East Exit.” Exit at the Takagi bus stop.
    Bus timetable from Higashi-Urawa Station
    (Note: Only routes marked Warabi (蕨)on the timetable stop at Takagi.)