~ Five Reasons Partners Choose CME ~

  • Proven reliability and technological expertise
  • Stringent design and development standards
  • End-to-end manufacturing
  • Internationally certified quality
    (ISO 13485:2016 for manufacturing and quality management)
  • Solution-focused OEM medical equipment supply



Cosmic ME catalyzes collaboration
across the ecosystem


Cosmic M.E. INC. is a technology and engineering group of distinction in all facets of the medical device business, from design and development through manufacture and repair. Since our founding in 1986, we have prided ourselves on monozukuri – the painstaking manufacturing craftsmanship which has consistently delivered safe, user-friendly medical devices to the market. Today, the CME monozukuri spirit enables us to meet the diversifying needs and increasingly stringent laws and regulations that are shaping the 21st century medical equipment business. As we trek forward into the future of medicine, our manufacturing prowess will continue lifting us to new technological peaks.